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To complement your purchase we offer a selected range of beautiful, teddy-inspired gift cards! Each card is blank so that you can personalise it with your special message. We have specially sourced cards with images created by renowned international artists such as: Joana Kruse; Tracie Kasak; Christopher and Amanda Elwell; Anne Geddes; Angela Davies; Anna-Mari West; Mark Marlow; Georgina Noronha; Angel McCoy; Saundra Lane Galloway; & Darren Fisher. Cards are grouped in price brackets of $5.95, $6.95 and $7.95 - see below for more details!

Featured artists: Saundra Lane Galloway & Tracie Kaska (click on their name to learn more, with the artist's own words about the inspiration and meaning of their work.)

Gift cards by Tasmanian artist Michael Morgan (click here)

$5.95 Cards

$6.95 Cards

$7.95 Cards

All our bears and friends are delivered in “The Teddy Bear Shop” carry bags complete with tissue. Selected bears come complete with their very own, personalised birth certificate!

Teddy © "I actually still own this painting. I had a dear friend, also an artist, that I studied under for years. This bear was hers. She passed away suddenly a year ago, so to have people love a work from my days with my friend makes ME smile! My desire in painting teddies is to illicit an emotion; either an "aaahhh", or a fond childhood memory, or a giggle. My philosophy in life is to bring joy through my work. What better way than to paint lovely mementos from childhood!" Saundra Lane Galloway, artist

Baby sleeping with teddy bear ©"This image is special to me because it's a picture of my newborn baby. When his big sister put the teddy bear in his crib he cuddled up to it and instantly fell asleep. Now, a year later, it is still one of his favorite toys." Tracie Kaska, artist