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The Teddy Bear Shop has an extensive range of items from Intelex's: Premium Cozy Plush; Warmies; and Cozy Plush collections. All the cosy soft toys in these collections can be heated in a microwave and cuddled to feel the love and warmth! Henry Warmheart and his friends are the perfect replacements for old-fashioned, dangerous hot-water bottles: and they are soft and cuddly too! They are filled with specially treated flax seed and a hint of lavender to give a wonderfully soothing aroma. These adorable characters are fully microwavable and do not require a removable inner pouch. Simply heat the entire bear (or other character) in a microwave for two minutes to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort. The calming lavender aroma will also help to ensure a good night's sleep. These characters can even be frozen and used as an ice pack for bruises and sprains!

Henry and his friends are made to the highest standards of quality and safety, and with proper care will last for years, providing thousands of hours of soothing warmth and comfort (or a cold pack if needed!).


Come and see us in-store at 145 Collins St, Hobart or contact us for more information about current and future stock of Intelex collections' characters.