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We are pleased to be sponsoring Mokiup, a Cambodian Sun bear rescued by FREE THE BEARS... below you can read Mokiup's story and learn how you can help us to support FREE THE BEARS.

Mokiup at play in the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre, Cambodia

Mokiup was rescued by FREE THE BEARS in February 2004. He was being kept in atrocious conditions as an exotic pet in a small and dirty cage with a heavy chain around his neck. A cub around 1 year old, Mokiup seems to have spent his life in these conditions until his rescue. When he arrived at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cambodia he was severely malnourished and covered in parasites. The staff affectionately named him ‘Mokiup’ (‘Ugly Face’) as his suffering had given him a disturbing appearance. Even with the excellent care and dedication of the team, it took six months to get Mokiup back to health. Ten years later, Mokiup’s name only serves as a testament to his progress as he is now a handsome, happy, healthy Sun bear. Miraculously, Mokiup still has a calm trust of people and always ambles over to greet visitors. Mokiup shares his large forest enclosure with no less than nine females. New features in his enclosure and a moat have recently served to improve Mokiup’s daily life by giving him extra places to explore and to seek shelter from the hot Cambodian sun.

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