The Teddy Bear Shop (Hobart) is the exclusive, world supplier of the full range of: RMC MARTIN KSOHOH MKWS LIMITED EDITION BANDANA TEDDY BEARS!

We were so excited by these teddies that we purchased the entire world stock of these limited edition guys! We are the only store in the world with the RMC bandana teddy bears!


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The Bears: These brightly coloured, 26 cm teddies are made from RMC bandanas. They have moveable arms and legs held in place with sewn buttons. The bandanas from which they are made are of naturally grown cotton in environmentally friendly ivory (not bleach-white) and safe colour-dyes. Each teddy bear has been handcrafted so all are unique and slightly different – no two will ever be quite the same. The bears come in 11 stunning colours black signature logo, and each has its own RMC tsunami wave design presentation box.

The Inspiration: Internationally celebrated designer Martin Ksohoh of Hong Kong loves all things vintage. As the RMC bandana is one of his vintage products, and he and his wife both love teddy bears – especially the old ones with jointed arms and legs – the idea to make these special bears was born. A friend introduced Martin to a disabled workshop in Japan. He commissioned the workshop to make the bears rather than using a major toy manufacturer. Each bear is handmade with love and care.

The Designer: Martin Ksohoh lived in Japan for some time and has been enchanted by its history and art. Japanese culture has provided unlimited sources of inspiration and themes for his creations. He has also been enlightened by Japanese brand management philosophy, and so internation-alised his brand – RMC by Martin Ksohoh. More famous for his designer jeans and denim wear, Martin’s limited edition teddy bears are testament to his creativity, boldness of design and sense of fun.

The full range of coloured bears (all 11) are available as a set. There are three full sets available in the world (and we hold them all) so be quick!

The Collection:

Light Purple / Fuschia (available only as part of a complete set)

Dark Purple / Green

Light Blue 1 ONLY / Navy

Red / Black (available only as part of a complete set)

Camo / Orange


Hip and Huggable - That is how RMC bandana bears were described in our local newspaper, The Mercury. Photo: Luke Bowden